Overview of the position

We are looking for an XML/XSL expert that can demonstrate the practical application of using XSD, RelaxNG, DTDs, XPath and XSLT to define and validate publishers’ XML content; helping ensure that any data conforming to the specification will contain all of the elements required to publish their content online.

●Reports to the Technical Architect

●Works with clients, project managers and quality assurance staff to produce robust data


●Works on projects of various sizes as the ‘data expert’. Assisting developers of all levels

of experience to understand the data model, its restrictions and potential.

●Identifies and champions the use of the XML standards to achieve the most elegant and

robust solution to the problem.


●Analysis of data supplied by clients, identifying required fields and extending or

developing schemas to fulfil the client’s needs.

●Work with the client to identify the minimum sample-set of data needed to represent all


●Develop and test XML schemas against a sample-set of data and identify any areas that

need to be more explicit.

●Use a variety of tools and technologies to guarantee (as much as is possible) the quality

of the supplied data.

●Investigate data problems and liaise with the support team and client to help modify their

data creation workflow.

●Provide in-house training for developers in XML and related technologies.

●Work with project management and senior technical staff to analyse and clarify clients


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