Assist the project lead with the on-going design, build and testing of the Unified Tools Platform and UI comprising:

  • Python based modular platform and exposed API for managing and running widgets and interfacing with data sources
  • Cassandra database back end
  • Message BUS comprising ZeroMQ and RabbitMQ
  • Asynchronous execution engine using Celery
  • Perl Mojo based web UI using jQuery and jQueryUI

Assist with other DevOps Platform projects as demands and requirements require.

Skills / Experience

  • Excellent Python and/or Perl programming skills in a commercial environment
  • Proven experience in working in rapid development environments using AGILE methods
  • Good knowledge of Linux (or other Unix)
  • Knowledge of concepts like session handling, data serialisation, remote process execution, parallelisation
  • Knowledge of database schema design and usage, ideally in a MySQL or Cassandra environment
  • Knowledge of automation and deployment concepts and systems (e.g. Puppet, Salt, etc)
  • Knowledge of configuring and managing Apache web server and associated modules
  • Knowledge of web MVC frameworks (e.g. Mojo, Catalyst)
  • Knowledge of AJAX/DHTML, ideally using jQuery and jQueryUI
  • Familiarity with version control systems (e.g. SVN or Git)
  • Familiarity with bug tracking and support ticketing systems (e.g. JIRA, Rally, Service Now)
  • Knowledge of other programming/scripting languages

If you have the above skills and experience and would like to know further detail then please contact Zac Stephens at Concilio.

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