Expert knowledge of the end to end trade lifecycle.

You should be able to explain this lifecycle: starting from the moment a client decides to make a trade and the way through to the point the trade is settled, posted to the ledger and reported to the regulators. For example they should be conversant with difference between executing a trade, capturing a trade and booking a trade. Also they should understand the difference between pricing and valuation, between market and credit risk, between settlement and confirmation, nostro and vostro, PV and Greek, CVA and VAR, PFE and EPE, and so forth.

Knowledge of electronic channel trading .

Capable of describing how ECN/Broker electronic channel trading takes place. An understanding of the constraints this kind of model places upon the technical solution required.

Knowledge of trade pricing and valuation.

Conversant in the manner that trades are priced, how curves and volumetric surfaces are created. Why official valuations are created and how it is done.

Prior experience that is not confirmed to a single aspect of the trading business.

Needs to have experienced multiple areas of the trading business. They should not have been to confined to working in a single business area, for example solely Back office/Operations space, or only Finance, or Risk or Front Office. They need to have experienced several of these areas and have a demonstrable understanding of the differences.

Solid comprehension of the function of trading in a bank.

What purpose does the trading business serve for the bank. You will need to understand why banks have trading divisions and be able to articulate it.

Capable of explaining why clients require trading services.

Why do our wholesale clients need us to have a trading business? The applicant needs to be able to explain the situations in which a wholesale business client requires the services we offer.

A demonstrable understanding of the divisions of capability in the business model.

Clearly able to articulate the difference between Capital Markets, Money Markets and Financial Markets and the impact these differences have to the technical solutions they require.

Experience across multiple asset classes

i.e. not have previously just worked in FX, or Syndication, or Issuance – but experienced in multiple product/asset classes.

Capable of managing multiple disparate work-streams and working under pressure to tight deadlines.

They need to be flexible and capable of picking up workstreams at a moments notice. Applicants who are used to only working on one thing at a time and a sequential stream of work are not required.

Experienced in discussing concepts/approaches/issues with senior business executives and Regulators.

Experience and personality to be able to talk to senior business executives – not just IT executives. This includes Trading Desk heads, the Head of Financial Markets, the Chief Operating Officer and the Head of the Wholesale Division. Also capable of talking to the FSA/BoE if required.

Experienced in discussing concepts/approaches/issues with IT delivery functions.

Experience and personality to be able to talk to IT delivery teams (developers, infrastructure) in an engaging manner, demonstrating their expertise and willingness to liaise on and/or own solution design aspects.

Familiar with a multi-million £ change portfolio

You will need to be familiar with understanding how individual change programmes fit into an overall portfolio of change for the bank. Capable of understanding./accounting for the impact of programmes that are underway when if you are not directly under their his/her remit.

Familiar with buy not build approach.

Understands that Trading primarily requires a buy not build approach and can clearly articulate why this is the case.

Familiar with Regulatory changes the market is undergoing.

Understands that major regulatory changes taking place in the trading business and the impact they will have to the way banks currently do business.

Effective negotiation/planning skills

Capable of brokering agreements, resolving contentious situations, getting people on track and message.

Good presentation & word skills

They need to be able to stand up in front of a room full of a wide spectrum of people, from execs or developers and present effectively and clearly, projecting that they know what they are talking about and can be trusted.

Good diagramming skills

Capable of producing effective diagrams in Visio or Powerpoint. UML useful but not key – it’s better that they can clearly articulate their designs in an easily comprehensible manner.

Experienced in cost estimation / business case proposal support

Able to coordinate and pull together an effective cost proposal for a strawman/outline design in order to support a business funding case proposal.

My client offers an excellent package, work environment and signed off budgets to offer real change with cutting technologies.

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